Hello! Welcome to my site. I'm a technology writer with a particular interest in cloud and large scale computing. This site focuses on my tech-related work. Meanwhile, I've increasingly been writing about business, and about camping and outdoor activities - you can read about those on my general site, at gillianlaw.co.uk.

I've been a technology journalist since 1998, and have focused on cloud and large scale computing for the past six years. I've worked in New Zealand, London and am now based back in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can see a full list of where I've worked on my LinkedIn profile, and some examples of my writing on my general freelance site or under the links to the left.

I'm currently working on a large project for the Scottish Qualifications Authority, but I'm still available for some freelance writing, whether in the technology field or otherwise. If you need a writer, please get in touch.

 Outside work, I'm mad-keen on cycling, and learning Mandarin Chinese. I'm not quite good enough to write about cloud in Chinese yet, but I'm working on it...

Gillian Law